About Us

CMYK - Create Magic You Keep

We’re not just named after a colour model, we live and breath colour. From single colour business cards to full colour billboards. At CMYK we know its not just about putting ink on paper, the product we are producing is designed to support and grow our customers business so our goal is to contribute by providing the most cost effective solution without compromising quality.
Despite the influence of the ‘digital age’, print can still hold a very important place in consumer engagement, advertising and marketing and, in some cases engage with consumers in a way that digital cannot. CMYK’s expertise lies in our ability to produce print projects that ensures your brand is effectively represented and appeals to your target audience.

Why choose us?

With efficient systems and dedicated staff, we’re available to meet those last-minute deadlines and exceed your expectations. Our favourite word at CMYK is” Yes” and the team are not your typical 8-5 workers. We are driven by our customer’s deadlines and our workplace adapts around getting the job completed to deliver on our promise.

Our prepress workflow allows CMYK to emulate a range of industry standards such as GRACoL® and Fogra and adhere to PANTONE® standards so we can accurately match colours, from page to page, job to job, shift to shift, and from press to press.

With constant investment in new technology, turnaround times are consistently slashed and deadlines devoured.  New systems and efficiencies are implemented regularly to help separate us from the pack and ensure we are always moving forward.

More about us


We are a Waikato print company with big ideas. At CMYK we have taken our printing so seriously that we are constantly investing in the latest print technology. With state of the art print capabilities now available, it’s never been easier to target your new and existing customers with print.


With a varied array of clientele, we see all sides of print and media. From business cards to billboards we have all your print requirements covered. CMYK, It’s not just about 4 colours, It’s about all colour / full colour / no colour / the use of colour or lack thereof. Check out our portfolio to see a glimpse of what we can do!


It’s simple. We love print.


You can find us in Hamilton at 102 Rostrevor St. Come say hello!